Florida – Clean Up Your Act – When a Doctor in Indiana Screws up, the joke is … We’ll send you to Florida

Since retiring to Florida, I have seen some ugly things.  Patient abandonment – a doctor calls you in for an appointment an states he is no longer seeing anyone who is being treated for pain.  That person was sent home after being on opioids for years.  Of course he went through withdrawals.  Unfortunately, he suffered a stroke and died.

A 55 year old black female presented at an ER in the panhandle with complaints of “I can’t breath”.  She was accused of being a drug seeker and since she would not leave, Security was called and she was escorted out by handcuffs.  She fell to her death in the parking lot of a pulmonary embolism.  The police officer’s badge camera continued to roll as the nursing staff yelled “Get up!  We know you can hear us!”

Due to the decrease or discontinuance of pain meds for millions of Floridians, many have gone from functioning to bedbound.  Such a shame in such a beautiful place.  Sadly, many will regret their lifelong dream of coming to Florida for retirement.  Fact is, there is not good medical care in the State of Florida.  EMT’s and Fire Department Rescue squads offer little to nothing at the scene of a medical occurrence.  And don’t be surprised, even if you live in a nice, gated community, if something happens, you’ll be accused of an overdose above anything like stroke or seizure.


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