Letter to Surgeon General From One of My Followers

Dear Surgeon General,

The following letter is from one of my followers:

I am a chronic pain patient recently going back to pain management because I have pinched nerve and stenosis lumbar hernia toon and several bulging discs along with degenerative disc and joint disease fibromyalgia osteoarthritis back neck hands knees pelvis osteopenia carpal tunnel both wrists with pain into knuckles and burning stabbing pain in back hands wrists days r hard I was told to see orthopedic surgeon for spinal cord stimulator I’m sorry too many patients have them in my group they need to many surgeries with them batteries burning there skin to leads not working well to help pain or they stop working rediiculous Drs r afraid to give opioids thank god for my new pain mgmt dr after my family dr dropped me as a patient with this cdc crap I’m sorry but I have crps too and many more problems I might be legally blind in my left eye and cataract but I certainly see how chronic pain patients are being abused I suffered for 5 mos with excruciating pain please we r not drug seekers we r the human beings dealing with such sadness from developing diseases that cause this pain God bless you don’t be in the position we are I don’t want anyone to go through this



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