Loss of Civil And Constitutional Rights to Pain Management May Not Affect You Now, but Could in the Future

injuryAmericans are divided at the present time – one side alleging that the Heroin Epidemic (as the government has named it, as if it’s contagious)  – the other side stating a fact:  Since the CDC issued its “Guidelines”, patients have been abandoned by their doctors, some doctors having no faith in the government and now electing not to treat people with chronic pain, and some being weaned off their medicine, leaving them to decline in functioning, subjecting them to increased depression, anxiety, and mental health issues. As the DEA closes down pain management clinics, thousands, sometimes as many as 25,000 patients are left out on the street without medical records, to find another doctor.  Many times there simply aren’t enough doctors in the area, leaving these patients to die or turn to the street for drugs.  (Isn’t this what the government IS TRYING TO STOP?)

It’s a proven fact that untreated pain or under-treated pain leads to a multitude of problems:  loss of ambulation skills, decrease in activities of daily living, little or no social interaction with family and friends, and a whole variety of problems that were accepted, but minimized by pain medication prior to the implementation of the CDC guidelines and the following media hype and propaganda.  People are being forced to drive hundreds of miles to pain management clinics, only to be presented with a Contract by which the individual is forced to give up many HIPAA rights, and subjecting them to involuntary institutionalization of anyone who is deemed “at risk” for addiction. Of course, the chronic pain patient could be put in this category simply by virtue of the medicine that they must take in order to maintain whatever quality of life their illnesses and injuries will allow.

Probably the most despicable action by our government has been the denial to our Veterans of pain medication necessary for a variety of injuries sustained in the line of duty – in lying their lives on the line in order to ensure that we remain free and safe.  In addition, the VA is denying claims of PTSD.  Who wouldn’t have post traumatic stress disorder after witnessing 4-8 or more years of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan?  How can our government do that to them?

Injuries or illnesses which require lifetime treatment for pain control can happen to anyone at any time.  While these changes may not affect you now, it is very possible that it could at any time happen to yourself, a spouse, a parent, a child, a friend, a neighbor.  Please join us in the Rally to Regain Our Rights on 10/22/16 from 10 am to 5 pm – location to be determined.

Register today via response, email, or phone.



2 thoughts on “Loss of Civil And Constitutional Rights to Pain Management May Not Affect You Now, but Could in the Future

  1. The sad part is the DEA’s War on Drugs has failed so they’ve turned against many physicians who were willing to treat those with Chronic Pain regardless its cause. We’ve now have the DEA’s War on Our Doctors that’s been going on for many years without many knowing. There are many new facts coming to light but, only if one knows where to look, if there able to be found at all. I won’t even start on my opinion of the biased & illegally written CDC Guidelines meant for PCP’S that have so many pain management physicians are using. They’re in fact TURNING their backs on treating us with chronic pain regardless of the cause. Pain contracts still exist but, one would be lucky to drive 100 – 200 miles in excruciating pain to find ANY physician willing to treat as before the CDC guidelines were released. OUR physicians fear the DEA more than ever as more & more are being shut down for prescribing opioids. Where did OUR physicians with a license to diagnose, treat, care & prescribe go as? They went to medical school & trained NOT the DEA, CDC, FDA, GOVERNMENT or the Media. All of those listed above should be ashamed of themselves as they’re supposed to PROTECT all of US that live in America! We’ve lost not only OUR Civil Rights but OUR Constitutional Right while TOO MANY have lost LIFE due to the Hippocrits that claim to PROTECT ALL LIVES. If one hasn’t taken their own LIFE by commiting SUICIDE, they’ve lost their LIFE as they knew it, myself included. Many have lost OUR function, OUR jobs, OUR money, OUR families & OUR Constitutional Right to Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness & so much more. OUR physicians should be ASHAMED of themselves as many of them have deserted US in Chronic Pain. The American Pain Society said prior to the CDC Guidleines that don’t even state when a PCP should refer to a Pain Specialist & who is considered a Pain Specialist. We’ve over 116 million Americans with Chronic Pain that have went untreated or undertreated & they are trying to KILL US OFF – ONE BY ONE if we let them. The newest facts are that if you are one who gets 90 MME’s a day you’re now have “Opiate Use Disorder & are considered an ADDICT/JUNKIE. It’s an ADDICT that loses their JOB, FUNCTION, MONEY, FAMILIES & TOOK away OUR Cival & Constitutional Rights & now we’re being told that we’re in the same as them….NOT!! 116 Million with CHRONIC PAIN in America is 1 in every 4 adults in OUR COUNTRY & their practicing medicine without a license which they should ALL be thrown in jail for. They’re protecting the lives of the ADDICT & IGNORING those of us in Chronic Pain. The Harrison Narcotic Act of 1914 originally said it was AGAINST the law to be an ADDICT or for a physician to TREAT an ADDICT & all of them faced harsh criminal punishment. In 1970 physicians were now allowed to treat an ADDICT but, it was still AGAINST the law to be an ADDICT & one would again be punished. Now it’s all about ADDICTS getting treatment & letting the Chronic Pain Patient suffer and be labeled as an ADDICT. In a drug chart used by the CDC for 2010 it shows ALL RX Deaths = X & Opioid Deaths = X but, in 2014 it only showed ALL Opioid Deaths = X & ALL Heroin Deaths = X, which I thought was odd. If one looks at this chart in 2010 no one died from Heroin Deaths or did they list them into ALL Opioid Deaths? Yes, they did as digging deeper I found more than X died from Heroin in 2014 & it said that was more than tripled from 2010! I said out loud “I KNEW IT” & the CDC made their data fit to make it seem like we have an “Opioid Epidemic”. I found this BURIED DEEP on the DEA’s website because now the DEA admits “We have a Heroin Epidemic.” So now we all know how the CDC said we have an “Opioid Epidemic” as Heroin is an Opioid. We must show them on 10/22/16 that ALL LIVES MATTER!! Being in Chronic Pain is an illness PHYSICALLY & not by CHOICE. Being an ADDICT is an illness MENTALLY & is by CHOICE. As a Chronic Pain Patient we use our Opioids to have some quality of life & an ADDICT uses ANYTHING to get HIGH & chooses to lose their quality of life. Our Veterans fought for ALL AMERICANS RIGHTS & now we MUST ALL FIGHT to get them back on 10/22/16.


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