The VA is Lying

Yes, the VA is lying.  The truth is, Veterans’ pain meds are being restricted due to the government’s approach to the so-called “War on Heroin”.  First off, the word they use “War” on heroin … isn’t that a misnomer?  The Veterans all know what War is … and this isn’t one.


Our Veterans returning from combat are coming home to life-changing, severely debilitating illnesses and injuries.  The VA, in reliance on the government’s unsupported claims about the negative effects of opioid treatment, is in effect, causing our Veterans to suffer once again … and for the rest of the Veterans’ lives, if they are not stopped.  Pain relief is a fundamental right.  The Declaration of Montrael, of which the United States and other Countries agreed upon, is being ignored.  The Veteran’s right to the privacy of his medical records is compromised.  The right to relief of pain, thus enhancing rehabilitation and functioning, is being ignored.  Maybe some of those politicians should undergo a knee replacement and be handed 2 tylenol the morning after surgery for pain relief sufficient to go to physical therapy.

Veterans go to the VA every day and explain to their primary care physicians the things that they can no longer do due to pain related to their injuries.  The VA doctors tell Veterans that opioids aren’t safe for use on a long-term basis, however, absolutely no reliable studies as to long-term use have been reported.   No alternative forms of pain relief are offered. The VA is lying to you, just like the CDC, DEA, and politicians are lying to American civilians.

Finally, the treatment of PTSD.  When a service dog is needed, why does it take the VA so long to get it to you?  How many have talked to their doctors about PTSD, only to be told that they don’t have it and don’t require treatment for it?  Simple.  It’s money.  it’s all about the money.  And we’ve taken it long enough.  It’s time to do something about it.  We can be proud to be Americans, but not like what the government is doing to its own people.

Join us in our 10/22/16 Rally in Washington, D.C. to regain our rights and restore the peace and unity of Americans by doing away with the CDC guidelines and having the government allocate funds for help for Veterans and Americans who have been abandoned by their doctors, who can no longer get pain relief sufficient to allow for enhanced recovery, the embarrassment and  stigma placed on injured and disabled people, just to name a few of the people who are suffering or even dying at the hands of the decisions made on our behalf of Congress by a circle of greedy people with money who are able to make the proper contributions at the proper time, leaving us out in the cold.

Please rsvp asap.  Location to be determined.  Rally is 10/22/16 from 10 am to 5 pm. in Washington, D.C.  POWER IN NUMBERS.  PROGRESS TOWARDS A COMMON GOAL.  LET’S SHOW AMERICA WE’RE STILL STANDING AND WE WON’T BE IGNORED.




2 thoughts on “The VA is Lying

  1. I am one of those Veterans,they have taken my medication away from me. I am 100% service connected. I now have to pay for a doctor outside the VA and pay for my medications. I spend 400 dollars a month just to get what I need to live a half way decent quality of life. I am now going through financial stress now. With out medication I can not take care of myself properly. I need to get what is rightfully do you me. Since I was injured in the army they should be liable for any and all medical needs.


  2. Hi John, I am extremely sorry for the late delay in answering. We are fighting with every inch of our being to get things changed. Would you be able to join other Veterans at the Rally in Washington, DC on 10/22/16? Best regards, Lana Kirby


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