Letter to Surgeon General

As promised, I am posting this on behalf of one of my followers who wanted this letter sent to the Surgeon General:surgeon general

These recommendations are no different than they ever were, except for all the pain and suffering you have caused Americans with chronic pain, as no one can think out of the box. you have demeaned, caused harm with serious withdrawal to patients left untreated, and given nothing for pain, the stigmatizing the hate in ppe eyes when you do go to the office. the mistreatment. who is going to correct the reputations of millions of Americans. left to suffer, out of ignorance. just plain ignorance, a class action lawsuit is now needed, for needless pain and suffering, for yrs of abuse from doc office help thus including the maids in the office. hipa means nothing, but the comments I hear under ppl breath when I do come the office. is humulating, embarrassing and I just don’t take it. I will say something. recommendations on my care. have you ever met me.?????? I wonder. well ive already done the suicide thing once because of the pain, taking over my life, now were back to recommendations. are you seriously done f****** with people yet. the quad cities has the highest number of overdoses of herion due to lack of prescribing meds. ppl use to take, were up to 47 percent death rate. due to HERION NOT VICODIN

we are all being abused, and used like lab rats. to research pain. this guy in the picture, the one that says drs should never prescribe opiods, needs to be fired, he is not doing his job, he is being judgemental, discriminatory, needs to wash his hair, its greasy, he needs to also have a sharp knife stuck up his a** so he can walk around taking Tylenol all day for non ca pain. a** hole, I don’t know if he I voted in, I hope he is, he will be out of work soon.


3 thoughts on “Letter to Surgeon General

  1. I have been suffering from chronic pain for over half of my life. It took many years to get diagnosed with Fibromualgia. I worked as a professional in the Addiction field, and began to feel like I was being treated like a drug seeking addict when I sought medical attention in an effort to have any semblance of a normal life. My Primary Care Physician claims she won’t treat pain patients – change docs? That’s what they all seem to say because of current Federal Regulations regarding the most commonly used chronic pain meds. I worked for over 35 years; I have grandchildren who are precious to me – but because of my relentless pain, I can’t enjoy the grandchildren or any other aspect of my life! I just want to be able to live something close to a pain- free life. I don’t have a lot of money, but if adequate care for those who suffer pain filled lives were available, I would find a way to avail myself of it – instead of just waiting in pain until I die. Please offer people in my condition an opportunity to spend their later years with a modicum of dignity and independence. We’re going about asking in the right way. Free physicians and allow them to offer us the medical treatment we need and deserve. God forbid someone you love becomes a chronic pain sufferer before our concerns are heard and humanely addressed. By the Grace of God, hear my plea!


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