Rally Against Pain & For Your Constitutional Rights – Let’s Unite & Let the Policymakers Know We WILL be Heard!!! 10/22/16 @ The Ellipse (NEW VENUE) – 10 am – 5 pm

Bring lawn chairs & get to know fellow chronic pain patients from across the Nation.  Don’t Miss It!

  •     We will have doctors speaking, along with patient advocates, caregivers, patients, and others.    Let Legislators and the Rest of America see our faces and make a presence, because as of right now, we don’t exist.
  •      The infliction of pain and the sacrificing of human dignity and quality of life will no longer be tolerated.  Where the Benefits Outweighs The Risk, we will get the medication we need to acquire the highest level of functioning that we can have.
  • ellipse
  •      The coercion behind the patient’s signing of Pain Management Contracts, often times stripping pain patients of all HIPAA rights.  “Sign it or you’re not seen here” is the rule.
  •      The unlawful profiling of pain patients by pharmacies, without performing the due diligence of making a phone call for clarification or submitting an inquiry.
  •      The total disregard for our Veterans, who have laid their very lives on the line for our Country, many of which are homeless, and most receiving inadequate medical care, including pain control.

This may not affect you today, but it could tomorrow.  Injury or illness can begin in an instant and last a lifetime.

One more thought.  Every time the government shuts down a large chain of pain management facilities, as many as 20,000 Americans are showing up to doctor’s appointments to locked doors.  People are left with nothing but a letter stating that the DEA has confiscated their records.  People scrambled for what few pain management clinics were in the area.  The rest of the people, unfortunately, will, for the first times in their lives, go to the streets. People have died. If the government were true to its mission, why wouldn’t they have provided for these patients when they closed their doctors’ offices down.  Guilty until proven innocent. We need to take a stance now, not later.

16 thoughts on “Rally Against Pain & For Your Constitutional Rights – Let’s Unite & Let the Policymakers Know We WILL be Heard!!! 10/22/16 @ The Ellipse (NEW VENUE) – 10 am – 5 pm

  1. I will do whatever I can to get there! Ive been waiting for somebody to do a rally like this , it’s what the pain community needs! Thank you!!


      1. Hi Lana, I don’t know how many will be coming, probably just me and my friend who will be driving me. We don’t have details planned out yet. Im coming from Monmouth Cty NJ about a four hour ride and was thinking if we left here by 4am we mite beat the traffic. We’ve never been to DC . im extremely nervous about taking this drive but going to try like hell


      2. Sounds like a plan. I look forward to meeting you. Please be sure and bring lawn chairs and we’ll have a large tent set up for shade. Exciting. Best regards, Lana (317) 441-2888


  2. Hi Pam,

    I’m so happy that you and your friend are going to be able to make it (God willing). If you’ve never been to DC, you’ll love the venue. We’re at the Ellipse, right across the street from the White House. It will be a lot of fun to meet pain patients from all over the US and hear our dynamic speakers. Don’t be nervous. You’ll be just fine.

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

    (317) 441-2888


    1. Is there a train that might be coming from Bryan Ohio 43506? I would so love to be there I am tired of living in pain and doctors in pain management not listening to me!!

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      1. Lana I’m sorry I didn’t see your messages here but, I just put out my information and the best rate close to the Ellipse I can find. This will be less than the Hyatt as its less than a mile away. The rates I listed are for Friday – Sunday and can be shared by 5-6 people who aren’t afraid to share beds. I don’t care if more than one is needed as I’m calling them tomorrow for group rates. Do you have a venue # with the permit number you can share as I’ll try to secure as many as I can, but need a count of how many you think we’ll need? Try to let me know by the am as I’m 2 hour ride so it’s best to secure a room or rooms and share them.


      2. At the rate I listed at least 4 can fit comfortably in the 1 bedroom suite with 2 queen beds and a sofa bed. As long as they don’t mind sharing a bed. I always come with ear plugs for the ones that snore.lol I’ve been on many conferences & shared before so I don’t mind & I don’t mind putting my info out. You can reply to it that I’m the one with the home at no charge and will split fees with any who want to share a room.


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