September is Pain Awareness Month – #VAUEMC

September is Pain Awareness Month.  No better time than now to let our policymakers that what they are doing is hurting us, physically and emotionally, and that they must listen to what we’re saying  and make arrangements for us to get the care we need.  We must stop the avoidable decline and additional problems we’re encountering such as physician abandonment, problems at pharmacies, being stigmatized as “drug seekers” at the physician offices and emergency rooms.  So many people WERE on WORKABLE pain management plans that were allowing us to function at the highest level of functioning reasonably attainable under our PRIOR pain management plan.  They need to know what difference in functioning their “reduction” or “dicontinuance” of pain meds has caused on our physical and psychosocial functioning.  All Americans AND our Veterans certainly deserve better than what we’re getting.  And make no mistake about it.  NO ONE will help us get things changed.  WE MUST GET THE WORD OUT OURSELVES OR THINGS WILL CONTINUE TO GET WORSE.  PLEASE JOIN US IN OUR QUEST TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


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