2 thoughts on “We will never forget 9/11.

  1. I’m going to try to keep this brief yet, can’t promise 😊 😊 I’ll Always remember 9/11/01 as it’s very personal to me. I was born & raised in NJ, lost family & friends who worked NY – DC. I learned later one plane forced to turn around with 2 loved ones aboard & flew over my work. I lost one family member & many friends in NYC. If you knew me, you’d know mere words couldn’t express my painπŸ˜‚ & anger. I’m one who speaks a lot but, 9/11 I sit in silence as the USA & a lot of countries observe a moment of silence for ALL lives lost. It’s now part of history & we just had our 15th year 2016. On 9/11/01 you know where, who & what you were doing as we watched in horror, many closer than others. We’ve a list of all lives lost of & nationality, color, religion or sexual orientation didn’t matter. The attackers didn’t care who they killed, hurt or affected as they carried out this brutal attack.
    My Mom always said ” Sherry, you could talk to a tree & it’d talk back to you. Do you ever shut up?” That’s my mom as she always told it like it was & I’m her daughter. My eyes could be closed exhausted & my mouth’s always speaking 😡
    I love, miss & will NEVER forget my Mother who was called home 2/13/15. I’m a Jersey girl & my spouse came from MD every yr as a teenager seeking a NJ girl. He didn’t find me then but he’s got me now
    I’ve a shock to some & here it comes as our government was aware yrs before that something wasn’t right by famous stars who flew & the instructors. They called, told all who’d listen yet, papers disregarded never to be looked at until afterwards.
    I hope I didn’t bore you with my story on 9/11 or how I don’t shut up. I spoke the truth from my heart & stated facts about myself not shutting up. I’m not making light of 9/11 I’m trying to show how it’s an example of how our government turns their backs when American citizens need them the most. It mattered more than 15 years ago as many lives could’ve been saved if they acted & listened. It matters now as millions of Americans in chronic pain are being ignored, committing suicide, turning to illegal drugs because we’re being denied our life saving medication. I’m sincerely in this fight for until they listen & hear our cries for help before more lives are lost as they were on 9/11/01. I’m not going away as I believe in fighting to the end for what’s right. Our rights have been taken away and we demand them back.
    Thank you and I hope if you read this you’ll join us at the Rally Against Pain 10/22/16 to make your voice be heard.


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