1. Hello can we contact your group. We are trying to stop the ban of a harmless plant kratom that helps those with chronic pain illness and even addiction recovery. The Dea has declared war on our plant calling for an emergency scheduling of kratom as a schedule one drug forgoing the the usual procedure of giving the people opportunity to comment and research to be performed to evualate thier claims. Once this ban goes through much like marijuana in this country the plant will be locked up and research will come to a halt never providing the people the chance to prove that kratom is not dangerous and has medical value. I myself was bedridden a year expecting to spend life in a wheelchair when I tried kratom for the first time. I’m now walking, working, and even going to the gym.

    The reasons for the emergency scheduling are a joke 600 posion control center calls in five years averaging to 120 calls per year.

    The DEA claims people have died from kratom but the leader of the American kratom association Susan Ash was able to prove by hiring a toxicologist that none of those deaths could be solely attributed to kratom ingestion. All of people who died had mixed various substances primarily being rx drugs like fetynal or methadone that are already known to be dangerous and kill thousands every year. However, that hasn’t stopped the DEA from misrepresenting kratom as a dangerous substance. Even if five people had died solely from kratom ingestion that number is miniscule compared to rx drugs that kill 100,000 people a year or the deaths caused by two very legal vices alcohol and cigarettes. In fact the drink 5 hour energy has killed 12 people. However, no one is batting an eye over any of these people deaths.

    I truly don’t know how I will live after the 30th I have already maxed on western medicine treatment. The doctors in my state covered under my insurance are horrible. They will prescribe whatever medication has a kickback involved at the expense of my health proven by the offers to increase doses when rx gave me chest pains and breathing trouble. They tried to make me keep taking rx that made me sick and didn’t help my pain, sleep, migraines etc one bit. I was so overmedicated at times I couldn’t stand. I endured nine months of cluster migraines as a side effect to either my pain killer or sleep medication. I lost my job as a police consultant and most of friends. I was in bed in agony almost 24-7. I tried switching doctors but after five years I’m pretty confident they are all the same. I wanted to regain fuction and go back to work overmedicting to the point I couldn’t even use the toliet on my own wasn’t helping. One time a new doctor who I told I couldn’t sleep due to chronic neck pain prescribed me a night terror drug for veterans with ptsd. I thought I was dying and had a breakdown when I woke up in the morning. When I had bad side effects or a rx didn’t work i couldn’t get ahold of the doctor to save my life on occasion a whole month would pass with me suffering in agony unable to tolerate the rx and no other alternative but to suffer waiting. Other times I literally had doctors screaming at me that the rx did work like I wouldn’t know if I slept as opposed to being awake all night. I never understood this as I really believed the doctor was trying to help only when I started questioning if that was doctors goal did thier actions make sense. It only made sense when they were looking for extra money if they were trying to make me better nothing they did made any sense at all.

    I knew if I relied on the doctors I’d be right where I was for life. Now I’ll be back at thier mercy forced to take whatever they say because if I don’t my wheelchair will be on the side of the road somewhere in the dead of winter because I can’t get my disability benefits if I’m “non complaint” with doctors orders even if they are effectively writing me an rx for death.

    I’m not against pain medication unfortunately I can’t use it because of resulting cluster migraines. I support anything that helps people in pain. Now that the CDC has declared war on pain meds and the DEA is declaring war on natural alternatives where does that leave us?

    We become felons if we don’t to live in the toture that is chronic pain. We get killed by buying our pain relief on the street corner when we get laced drugs. Or we kill ourselves because we can’t bare this pain forever.

    That sounds really inhumane to me. I feel like I must be in another country because this isn’t America anymore.


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