11 thoughts on “Rally T-Shirts & Go Fund Me Account to help offset costs of Rally

    1. Bridget, I just remembered, we do have an Advocate that lives in close proximity of the Rally that indicated people were welcome to stay with her. This might be a nice alternative for you. Please let me know if you’re interested and I’ll put you in touch with her. Thanks, Lana


    2. I am working on it Bridget. I don’t know what type of a budget you are on, but we do have others wanting to share a room. We also have an advocate in the area who has offered her home to stay at free of charge. Not sure if either of that helps or not, but I will be looking for the best deals we can find on rooms near the Ellipse. I look forward to seeing you at the Rally! Best regards, Lana Kirby (317) 441-2888


      1. Lana, call me tomorrow as its getting close especially, if rooms are still needed? I’m willing to help anyway I can assist you please let me know.


  1. Sorry about that Bridget. From my Iphone it looked like IN. Let me try to get a list together of whose coming from where and see where would be the best logistic place where we could try to get a block of rooms.


  2. I couldn’t find where to enter my name and payment info for the Rally t shirt. Also is there a block of rooms..any room for an overnight stay for me. I am appreciative of your response. Thank you. I am in pain with my Fibromyalgia and pain meds were taken away without a non-narcotic medication to help give relief


    1. Hi Frances, We weren’t able to get room rate discounts, but the organizers of the Rally are staying at the Residence Inn, Washington, DC, Capital. It is too late to order a t-shirt, but we will have some for sale at the Rally. I look forward to seeing you at the Rally on 10/22 at the Ellipse.


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