CDC States Guidelines are NOT intended to take away Physician Decision-Making

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Good morning Lana,

Thank you very much for your email; we do appreciate your comments. CDC has prioritized the development of this guideline in order to improve pain treatment and help prevent those suffering from pain from experiencing addiction and/or overdose. The guideline is not a regulation or law, but rather a set of recommendations for primary care providers. The recommendations in the Guideline are voluntary, and are intended to support informed clinical decision making in the context of the provider-patient relationship. Patient safety is our top concern, and CDC encourages providers and patients to carefully consider both the benefits and serious risks of these medications in making decisions about chronic pain management.

The Guideline is not intended to take away physician discretion and decision-making, but it is designed to help physicians assess how to safely maintain or discontinue opioid use in patients who are currently on an opioid treatment plan or start opioids safely if necessary. Specifically, the Guideline includes a recommendation to taper or reduce dosage only when patient harm outweighs patient benefit of opioid therapy.

For more information on the specific guideline recommendations, please visit


Division of Unintentional Injury Prevention
National Center for Injury Prevention and Control
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

DUIP Inquiries (CDC) duipinquiries@cdc.govhide details
To lkirby7656

4 thoughts on “CDC States Guidelines are NOT intended to take away Physician Decision-Making

  1. Lol the latent function of the visionless cdc was to restrict access to opioids and frighten doctors about prescribing opioids according to their judgment. The cdc knows if a doctor did not follow the guidelines and one of their clients became addicted a lawyer could use the guidelines to win their client money.
    The cdc wasnt concerned about people in pain for no effort was made to wnsure people in pain obtain the best treatment from the start.
    The cdc fda nih dea are not friends of people in pain. They serve special interests and not the public good. If they served the public webwouldnt have poor pain care


  2. You’re so right as I’ve the letter from Debra Houry, MD, MPH herself stating all of the above and more and yet, they still reduce our meds and vote to give them to the ADDICTS instead. I’m not sorry to capitalize this word as everyone in CNCP or chronic pain period, knows they’ve used biased opinions to get what they wanted. It’s not meant for our pain doctors thus the letter states but they’re all using them. What’s up with the quantity of pills also when there’s nothing that states this and it wasn’t signed by Obama in February when congress asked him to. He clearly said ” I will not tell physicians how many pills they can prescribe to treat their patients”.
    I’ve so much more I can add but no time to do so now. Join us at the Rally Against Pain on 10/22/16 and let your voices be heard. Otherwise, send your letter to Lana and it will be read from the podium right across from the White House where we can make some noise.


  3. As of December 2015, Congress has directed the Department of Veteran’s Affairs as follows:

    Congress gave this guideline force of law within the Department of Veterans Affairs, in its Omnibus Appropriations Law passed at the end of 2015 (HR 2029), as shown in Appendix J, 44th pdf page. Congress explicitly requires “adoption of the safe opioid prescribing practices” as laid out by CDC.



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