A Wife’s Cries for Help on a Sunday Afternoon … And a Message for Chris Christie



Just received a phone call from a sobbing 54 year old Anita in New Jersey.  Her initial response to my return of her voice mail was to break out sobbing hysterically.  She tells me “I don’t know what I’m going to do.  I have him on a suicide all the time.  He doesn’t want to live like this.”  She settled down enough to talk. Her 57 year old husband, George, was a renal transplant recipient about 5 years ago.  As a result, he developed severe neuropathy and is riddled with arthritis.  He was functioning pretty well on the pain management program which he adhered to strictly prior to the CDC guidelines. He was a heavy equipment operator for the State of New Jersey and was even a scuba diver while he was on a regimen of exercise, good diet, health conscious, and opioid treatment.  In December, he was in ICU for a time when the State of New Jersey ordered his meds cut to 50%.  He has now been discontinued from his pain medicine.  His wife is hysterical.  George no longer wants to live.  He has pressure ulcers on both feet because of being in bed too much and cannot walk due to the pressure ulcers on his feet.  Anita never leaves the house because George is bedbound, so she sneaks out to the grocery at around 8:00 at night so that he doesn’t miss her. She has fibromyalgia, so taking care of George and doing all the household responsibilities is very hard for her. I told her to have George (and herself) hang in there until tomorrow .  I’m calling every office in the State of New Jersey until they find a hospital or healthcare professional that will give this man some pain relief and care for the pressure ulcers caused by the State of New Jersey’s negligence.  The State of New Jersey is going to get a qualified physician do an assessment and see if there is any reason why George can’t get some pain relief and return to whatever form of quality of life he can attain.  Anita, as I mentioned, has fibromyalgia.  If the benefits outweigh the harm, I would expect Anita, at the age of 54, to be responsible enough to be prescribed medication which will allow her to get some exercise, get out of the house a little now and then, regain some sense of self, and resume whatever quality of life she can get.  Chris Christie, you’ll be hearing from me first thing in the morning, along with every other governmental official that will be human enough to take my call.  If anyone reads this that can offer some compassionate help to this mid-50’s couple, please contact me through http://www.rallyagainstpain.com.

Chris Christie, can you offer some advice here … or do you now have doctor assisted suicide in New Jersey?  Is that what we’re offering people these days?

Lana Kirby

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