RALLY AGAINST PAIN – 10/22 – Please don’t forget to REGISTER – we need a headcount. Please note additional thoughts concerning the Rally.


Even if you have RSVP’d from various sources, we really need to start getting a complete headcount in one place.  Please take a moment to REGISTER so that we have the information we need.  Thank you so much for attending the Rally.

Many people think that we need a million people there to make a difference.  Here are some thoughts I was provided by a young lady wise beyond her years.  I’d like to share her thoughts with everyone coming to the rally.

Those who are coming are coming  to the rally are doing so due to dedication and despite dire circumstances.  Even if we only have 200 people at a Rally (which I expect to be more in the 300 range) to demonstrate is REMARKABLE. At the rally, no matter the size, we will to emphasize that people who didn’t even know each other a few moths ago are working together to stop an epidemic of death and disability at the hands of government-chosen individuals who have convinced doctors who are now being trained and taught not believe their patients are really in pain. People of modest means and with substandard pain management, or none at all, are traveling from all across the nation to fight not just for themselves, but for thousands of others. Our stories will not be obvious at the rally, but a journalist can convey that we are making a sacrifice to be together and ask the government to save lives and . Just as PROP went from agency to agency until they found a way to address the prescription opioid “epidemic,” we won’t stop until the pain epidemic, which can cause death and incapacitation, is stopped. This rally is only the beginning!

It is vitally important to tell our story to journalists – BEFORE the rally occurs. Which of our members has had a loved one commit suicide after being denied pain medicine? Who are some people that cannot attend the rally because they are completely immobilized without their pain medication?  This wise young lady is going to tell them that even though her pain medication hasn’t been taken away yet, her experience with my doctors recently has frightened her. She have lived through terrible pain during the war on drugs during the 1980’s when she was was 12. When a 12-year-old prays, “God, You’ll send me to hell if I kill myself, so I won’t. Please just kill me Yourself,” the harm rests squarely on the shoulders of physician who refuse to see, and the governmental interference with medical care that has caused this situation

This information will be collected separately, but for the time being, if you’ll just REGISTER for the rally, it will be very helpful.  Thank you all for your sacrifices to help us all from what appears to be a very dark road ahead of us – BUT further discrimination and denial of medical care will NOT BE TOLERATED.  They can only do what we allow them to do.

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