David Becker, Husband of Chronic Pain Patient, Gives Opinion of Current Standards for Pain Control for Chronic Pain Patients in America

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    Credentialism, rankism, prescriptivism, reductionism, scientism, market fundamentalism, and statism have created the perfect storm that lead to the sorry state of affairs in pain care today. Unlike the EU and many other Nations we have a high prevalence of chronic pain, very high costs, a National Pain Strategy that is dead in the water, and growing suffering due to overly restrictive and oppressive policies of insurers and government. The powers that be claim that they do this for our own good and the good of society. Yet since they have failed to hear the people they have waxed gross to our Republican form of government and fail to demonstrate reverence for life for people in pain they have violated the social contract and fail to acknowledge that government is by and for the people and for their happiness. They have added to the perfect misery that chronic pain is and use victim psychology to claim there is n victims to their unjust policies and that preventing addiction is so important to them that they will sacrifice the good of people in pain and starve their hopes of a better future. Just this year they have restricted access not just to opioids- but to marijuana and Kratom. They seem to be intent and depriving people in pain more and more substances that have provided relief in the past. It is clear government- and their friends in medicine no longer can speak for people in pain for they no longer wish to hear from people in pain.

    Government has used bad science as a way to depoliticize issues in pain care -as if science should be a substitute for politics or individual choice. Should we all just live our lives based on scuience and worship at the altar of science? Should science dictate practice and choices or merely inform them. And so it is clear government is not using science but scientism t justify their statism. They have used it to nihilate freedm of choice and all rationality in opioid access.’

    I am glad that there are still those people in pain who don’t wish to live anymore in the Brave New World of pain care where they will be like characters in Kafka’s The Trial and flasely accused of wrongs and subject to unfair trials and tribulations. We should not allow government or professional interests to allow us to forget the memory of freedom and the dignity of making our own choices and being human. We should oppose the social control state and a pain care system that wishes to dictate our choices and our decision making.

    We have powerful adversaries who are currently suffering the contagion that comes from mob psychology and crowds. They can not and will not be rational now. And we need to be careful to avoid mistkaes with our rhetoric and ur strategies for they will capitalize on those mistakes. There weakness is morality and ethics. Their arguments are thin and they have a low theory of value.
    I hope and pray that God is on our side and that a social movement will form and do justice for people in pain and end the unnecessary suffering that comes from misguided policies and prejudices toward people in pain and their treatments.

    We’re living in The Brave New World of pain care where our republican form of government has been sidestepped in favor of right wing authoritarian control that has relegated people in pain to moral and civil vagabondage and trampled on the social contract. People in pain now have become like characters in Kaka’s The Trial and falsely accused of crimes they never committed in a surreal and frightening world of pain care where pain care has become more costly, and burdensome for too many in pain. Reverence for life has been replaced with victimization wherein government indicates that preventing addiction is so important that they will sacrifice the good of people in pain. But they don’t stop there for they have ignored the facts and claim their is no victim to their policies and the god of people in pain is not their concern-and in this regard they hope to continue to silence people in pain.

    They have used scientism to deny peoples right to republican government. They crucify us on the rack of scientism and claim politics has nothing to do with their decision- for they allege that scientism commanded them to do this for(to) people in pain. And it is not just scientism- but bad science and specious rhetoric for they claim that lack of evidence of opioid effectiveness is proof they should not be used. And whose fault is that- who failed to call for long term studies on opioids 10, 20, 30 years ago- government. They were too negligent and uncaring t settle the matter when it came up in the Decade of Pain Control and Research. And now they penalize people in pain for their own longstanding neglect.

    In less then a year, government has restricted access to opioids, marijuana-and now Kratom for people in pain. This is cruel , degrading, and demoralizing. Our right to chose and right to dignitarian treatment and humane consideration is being slaughtered in the name of preventing addiction.

    It is time people in pain unite in the name of dignity, humanity and justice. Let us restore some sanity, some reasonableness, some reverence for life for people in pain.

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