Letter from Victim of CDC Guidelines & Negative Impact on Patient Care

This email is in response to your request for info about how my pain care has been negatively impacted since the CDC guidelines came out. 

In brief I’ve been on the same opioid dosage for at least 8 years if not longer. 

My pain management doctor cut my dosage by 1/2.. 

I’ve had worse pain coverage due to the decrease and stress of not knowing what the future holds in regards to being able maintain adequate pain care. I am unable to walk, sit and stand for as long as before since the decreases. I have a lot more trouble sleeping at night due to pain and worry. 

I’ve had problems getting my pain medications filled at any pharmacy since the guidelines dropped. I was told by the pharmacy I had been using for 5 years that they had a new policy not to fill prescriptions for doctors that were not within a 5 mile radius. I had to go to 8 different pharmacies in total to find one that will fill it. I’ve also had to change pharmacies 3 times in 5 months. 

The pharmacy I am currently using told me I am not to come in more than 24 hours in advance of my last dosage before I run out of medicine. I’m not allowed to use any other pharmacy including the other stores in their same chain. Yet they are unable to guarantee they will have my medicine in stock every month. 

The stress of not knowing if I will be able to get my medicines filled in time or at all plus not knowing if my pain management doctor will feel forced to reduce my dosage again is very hard on my well being and has had a negative impact on my psychological and physical health. I have increased infections and have had to seek the assistance of a psychologist for what feels like depression. 

My address:

Angela S_________


St. Petersburg, Florida 3370

Thank you so much for everything you do.

Angela S_______

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