2 thoughts on “DSM-5 – What You Need to Know – Watch Your Diagnoses!!!

  1. Too true! For last 3 yrs, pain spec was treating me for torn hip ligament. Two and a half yrs ago he was given MRI results, which he never read. Results- severe Degenerative discs, Facets L1-S1, and 5 bulging discs! On top of older spine problems no less.
    I had to teach my new GP about a med now being used for allergies! He looked it up while in front of me and couldn’t believe I was right.
    It’s getting to a point that doing all my own research about tests results and symptoms, sometimes I actually do know more than these older physicians. It’s scary.


  2. I also discovered a little tip that may be useful for some of you like myself that are not so visible in their afflications. For years I woudl tell my Drs of the places that were giving me hell and he never questioned me but I felt my pain wasn’tbeing appreciated it was being related to. Especially when I woudl complain eternal;ly with my head and neck pains and associated maladies, dizziness, blurred visions, elctric impulses heard and felt etc. For those not in the know they seem like it might be a little BS. I got a thermographic set of pictures done at the cosy 0f 175.00 a few years abck and it pinpoint all the points of pain I had been relaying to him….hot everywhere. Yesterday I went to home depot and rented the flir and did that same thing for $50.00 so now I have more proof for lawsuits ( against landlord) and anywhere else it may come in handy. Pain is inflammation, inflammation shows up hot . I love shortcuts 🙂
    Download to your pc and voila….just be sure and totally delete all those pictures from the flir
    (including trash files) !!


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