Rally Against Pain on October 22nd, 10 am-5 pm at the Ellipse, Washington, DC! Register here: https://rallyagainstpain.com/registration/ Sharing David Becker’s Thoughts

For Lana and all those who genuinely care about people in pain. I am with you now and always in your efforts to help those in pain. And here is a glimpse of my statement to the Obama administration on pain care:It is one thing for an administration to be frozen in the ice of indifferentism and to not live in the spirit of charity, as FDR wrote. But no other President in American history has done more to destroy the hopes, lives, and natural rights of people in pain then President Obama and his administration. No other President has been as anti-democratic and stooped so low as to use the same tactics as the medieval tyrant Edward the VIths’ enclosure laws to relegate people in pain to moral and civil vagabondage and perfect misery. The FDA, CDC, DEA, and DHHS have made it clear that we are not qualified to have an opinion about pain care or our own good-they are as tyrannical as any despot ever was. They value that our freedom of speech as much as rats on a pirate’s ship to use the words of Voltaire. Our dried voices have remained mute and meaningless and as distant as fading stars to Obama and his administration whose vision of the future for people in pain is an administration stamping on the rights and hopes of people in pain – forever. We have come to believe Jefferson’s advice to future Americans- that confidence in government is everywhere the parent of despotism and it is up to Americans to oppose the despotism in pain care that the Obama administration has consigned us to.We must create a new world, a far better world as Truman wrote-in which the dignity rights, hopes, dream of people in pain are recognized and respected.
So the people involved with rally against pain are feeling the moral shock that leads to social movements and social movement organizations. We stand with Lincoln in knowing that silence is sin when protest is needed and we can criticize because we have hearts to care. We seek to restore the sensus communis,justice ,sanity, humanity, humilitas,veritas, sinceritas, caritas- and all the American and human values and virtues for people in pain that Obama and his friends in the health care industry have worked diligently to destroy. We seek to restore dignity and freedom of choice and consociationalism that Obama so ardently and unalterably opposes. We believew in deliberative democracy that tyrants in the Obama administration oppose with jaunty disdain. We believe in freedom of speech that Obama opposes. We believe that Obama should recognize Kants principle of the kingdom of the ends- that we are not to be exploited by his administration or taken over to the designs of the health care industry. We are not to be justified by our government or our health care industry for our creator justifies our lives and their worth.
We know we have a long march through our institutions to restore civility and humanity and reverence for life for Americans in pain. We will remember the words of men of virtue like MLK, Gandhi, Madison, Mason, Henry, and the good Presidents that came before Obama. We remember the words of JFK when he wrote ‘Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.’ We have the same resolve for the lives, wellbeing, dignity, and rights of all people in pain. No back to reading Brave New World.

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