Rally Against Pain – Preserve Your Rights for Adequate Pain Control – October 22nd at the Ellipse, SW Quadrant 10 am-5 pm – Register Now!!!



Do Your Part to Preserve Your Rights!!!  You have the right to adequate pain control.  You have the right to choose your own doctor and to participate in the decision-making process of your medical care.  You have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Don’t let our rights be ignored.  Join us on October 22nd from 10-5 at the Ellipse.  Make Your Voices Heard!!!

4 thoughts on “Rally Against Pain – Preserve Your Rights for Adequate Pain Control – October 22nd at the Ellipse, SW Quadrant 10 am-5 pm – Register Now!!!

  1. Get the DEA and CDC out of the doctor offices. Pain control should be between the doctor and the patient. Especially with people in chronic pain who need opioids or cannabis in order to have at least somewhat of a normal life.
    We need more research into pain control and pain relief. Many of the current drugs and therapies either don’t work, leave us like zombies, or worse yet, cause other bodily damage and death.
    The DEA has enough to do with illegal drug use and criminal activity instead of preying on us chronic pain patients who very rarely get addicted to or sell their drugs. Studies have shown that 95 – 99% of us do not abuse our drugs. The CDC Guidelines on Opioid Prescribing are just that, guidelines. However the Federal Government is enforcing them as a de facto law which is not right! Many doctors are being strong-armed into using less effective and more dangerous pain protocols. Meanwhile chronic pain patients are left hanging….literally. Many are considering suicide or die due to what was mentioned earlier.
    Please tell the DEA and CDC to relieve the pressure off of doctors, pharmacies, and chronic pain patients. Please tell the FDA to do further research into our chronic diseases and get us better options for pain control!


  2. The VA is now calling me a drug abuser when I am merely taking ehat they prescribed. Well I don’t take all they prescribed but I just put the extra away in case of s hurticane. They know I have ComplexRSD and CRPS this condition is the highest in the McGill pain scale topping labor, amputation and cancer!! I’ve asked for alternate treatments. If they are putting this in my file and they need me to sign an ROI, the least they can do is tell me what caused this, was it a false positive on a pee test or was it just someone’s opinion? I deserve to know.


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