Rally Against Pain is HUGE SUCCESS … Cold and Wind Can’t Stop Chronic Pain Patients from Speaking Out


What was hoped to be a warm, sunny afternoon in Washington, DC turned out to be a brisk, extremely windy day.  But the weather couldn’t stop the determined chronic pain patients and the advocists from having their say in DC.  The look of hope in the eyes of those who attended and the sense of urgency was evident in everyone there.  People came in from California, Ohio, Florida, Michigan, New York, Virginia, Maryland … to name a few.  It was an exceptionally happy event filled with hope for the future.  A big shout out to those who braved the elements to take a stand against the discrimination and constant stigma experienced by the chronic pain patients since the passage of the so-called “guidelines” and the following laws and restrictions ruining the lives of millions with no acknowledgment from the decision-makers, whoever that is.  Since when did America let medical care be dictated by nothing but a lobbyist group?  That’s right, a lobbyist group, PROP, the same group of lobbyists who were allowed to choose the members of the group who created the CDC guidelines.  Can we say “Conflict of Interests”?  How did we let this happen?  I guess our decision-makers closed their eyes and let it fly.  But how in the world did all these restrictions get passed without even a passing thought to those whose lives would be ruined without even a responsive comment from any of our politicians or agencies responsible for overlooking this type of thing?  Since when did our Surgeon General, who has never even treated a chronic pain patient, send out letters to every doctor in America practically bullying them into denying necessary pain medication for those who have no alternative treatment?  A sad state of affairs when people who have life-long diseases and injuries have to go to this extent to draw attention to the fact that these so-called laws to help us are in reality hurting us badly and in some instances, causing death.  A huge “Thank you” to all who attended and the speakers and organizers of this event.  Chalk up a big success for the good guys!  To our government – WE’RE HERE AND WE’RE NOT GOING AWAY.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR IGNORANCE AND INDIFFERENCE.  YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST FROM US!!!

3 thoughts on “Rally Against Pain is HUGE SUCCESS … Cold and Wind Can’t Stop Chronic Pain Patients from Speaking Out

  1. I hope this becomes an annual event. Perhaps next year it can be a little earlier in the year to avoid the risk of colder weather…..better for those with chronic pain who will suffer less cold related “pay back”. By the way as a retired physician I can assure you that the medical profession is completely oblivious to the “Pay Back Phenomenon”. (For those who are reading this but have not dealt with chronic pain, “Pay Back” is a delayed onset of increased pain that occurs as a result of increased activity, or exposure to excess cold, or even to a simple twist in the wrong way. It crescendos reaching a peak in hours to days and generally goes back to baseline pain in days to weeks.) And the medical profession cannot understand something if they are oblivious to its existence.

    Three cheers to ALL who braved the cold weather! You are true HEROES!!!!

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