If you’re going to argue about chronic pain, get the facts.  The link above is an excellent source for THE FACTS about chronic pain.  Chronic pain patients have been victimized by ill-advised POLITICIANS playing DOCTOR and propoganda by the lobbyist group, PROP, headed up by ANDREW KOLODNY, who have practically taken over the decision-making process when it comes to pain. Apparently our CDC thinks that the pain scale is useless and that anyone who claims a pain control of  over 4 is most certainly lying.  The new joke by TOM FRIEDEN is “over 4, ignore”.

So … yes, I take it seriously.  I do not believe that people with a pain score of over 4 on a 10 scale are lying.  Do they think people with severely debilitating, lifelong diseases and injuries CHOOSE to live the lives they live?   Do they think we’d rather be sitting at home suffering instead of out working, making a living for our families?  Yes, some people have lost the ability to work due to the CDC guidelines.   People who WERE FUNCTIONAL are now BED BOUND and live a life of COMPLETE MISERY. And people have lost their lives due to the CDC guidelines.  What I have trouble understanding is why these deaths aren’t as important than those who have died due to having made the choice to abuse drugs.

I understand and agree that addiction is a disease, not a choice.  But we do have to admit that there was a point in time where that person decided that he/she liked the “high” that was ascertained by taking dosages 5-10 times higher than the recommended dosage.  They did have the choice of not taking more than the recommended dosage. Yet millions of Americans who RELY on opioid treatment as part of their pain management plan, are PAYING THE PRICE … for nothing.  It’s not even helping the opioid epidemic.  See the DEA 2016 report on heroin overdoses.

People who have not made the choice to abuse this medication continue to pay the price.  Where will it end?  I appreciate and challenge any responses from Kolodny or Frieden.




  1. The DEA is cooking the books a bit. Look at the pdf that is linked from your page. Look at page 2 of the pdf. There is a chart that shows the increase in heroin deaths from 1999 to 2014. There has been a dramatic increase in these deaths.

    The chart has a statement: “248% Increase 2010 – 2014”. That is in fact dramatic.

    BUT, look at the increase from 2004 to 2014, and the increase in heroin deaths is a full 450%!!! That is almost double what the DEA points to.

    Why is that important? Because the war on pain patients and their doctors began in earnestness in about 2003. The Kolodny-PROP/CDC/DEA shutdown of opioids for chronic pain took full effect beginning in 2010. But the DEA/CDC/Kolodny-PROP have absolutely no ability to control the flow of heroin to the NON-PAIN-PATIENT abusers. And the almost 5-fold increase in heroin deaths is in large part due to the woeful inability of the DEA to perform its legal role of controlling illicit drugs like heroin. Thus the DEA and Kolodny-PROP and the CDC will be very happy to say there is a 2.5 fold increase in heroin deaths, when in fact the real increase is almost twice that high.


    1. You answered your own question in the argument you’re presenting. It is our contention that the heroin “epidemic” is stemming from the black market drugs coming in through our borders, not the physicians who are prescribing medicine for people who really need it. The chronic pain patient is the most unlikely to abuse or divert. Why? Because of the control the pharmacies have and the restrictive pain mangement contracts that authorize the pain management doctor to turn the patient’s medical records over to law enforcement, pharmacies, other doctors and other facilities. So, if the chronic pain patient steps out of line, even unintentionally, they are discharged. So why continue to punish the chronic pain patient? That’s our whole argument. The fact that heroin overdoses are up and prescription writing is down, as is evidenced by statistics, then what’s the correlation? There is none. The chronic pain patient is an entire separate segment of society from the people who abuse drugs for recreational purposes. Two different sets of people who need to be treated differently. NOT DENIED treatment, but treated differently. The facts are that there is help for a heroin addict, but not for chronic pain patients. Just calling it like it is.


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