Veterans and Americans United For Equality in Medical Care is an advocacy group formed by chronic pain patients to create change within the currently broken medical community with regard to its treatment of patients with chronic, or life-long, severely debilitating conditions.  The consequences of our government’s actions in an ill-fated attempt to curb the “heroin epidemic”,  was silently reeking havoc on Amerian citizens, unintentionally perhaps, by our government.  We are a so-called “unintended consequence” of the government’s “War on Heroin”.  Patients are currently being abandoned by their doctors, denied adequate pain control, losing functioning, and even losing their lives, literally, due to the inaction of the government in stepping up to properly instruct physicians that it is their duty to their patients to provide adequate pain relief for the conditions presented which caused the tsunami of pain inflicted on innocent American citizens.  The lack of pain control opens up a wider scope of victims when you consider the spouses, children, parents, friends, neighbors, and co-workers of chronic pain patients who are also adversely affected, both indirectly as their relationship with their loved ones change as they suffer, or directly by assuming the role of caregiver, driver, cook, cleaner, and any activities of daily living that the victims were able to perform when the previous care plan was effectively providing some quality of life until the time the government enacted its new “guidelines”, which fed the fire for chronic pain patients, making it nearly impossible to seek pain relief anywhere.

Most unfortunate of all is the increase in suicides among chronic pain patients, as has been noted by the CDC.  You see, the government knows these problems exist; until now they simply have failed to do anything about it.  The time for change has come.  Chronic pain patients from across America are saying ENOUGH.  Regain your Rights!  Rally for your Rights!  Rally for the rights of generations to come.

Denying care to our Veterans is probably the worst.  Our service members put their very lives on the line for us any and every day.  These men and women, who were strong and healthy when deployed, often come back with severe, lifelong injuries which cause pain and suffering. Many are injured, both physically and emotionally, upon their return from duty due to the extremely violent nature of combat.  It is imperative that Veterans are provided with appropriate pain relief, with well-balanced emphasis placed on PTSD in order to avoid the decline which will definitely happen if adequate pain control and all around good health practices are obtained and continued until the Veteran has made as much progress as possible.  Our Veterans worked and sacrificed their health for us.  Taking care of them at home should be our top priority.

I am Lana Kirby, the coordinator for the Rally Against Pain for Chronic Pain Patients and Veterans as we continue our efforts to regain our rights to participate in the decision-making process of our own medical care, retain HIPAA rights, stop illegal coercion in signing pain management contracts which could be detrimental to the rights of the patient, educate the public and physicians regarding the management of chronic pain, and to stop the stigma and discrimination associated with chronic pain with devastating life-altering effects on a person’s quality of life and mental well-being.

Contact Lana at – 317-441-2888